Welcome to The Lazy Cook

The lazy cook is a site predominantly aimed at men… but I know there are a lot of women out there who like easy options when it comes to cooking too.

A prerequisite for attempting anything in this blog is to order a take away (takeout) or two first.  This is for two reasons:

  1. Ordering food in gets you into the whole spirit of “The lazy cook”.
  2. You need those plastic cartons!

Oh, I can hear people reading this twigging on to the fact that I’m going to make them wash something after ordering a take away.  Don’t panic.  It’s only the container your food came in.

If you really object to washing them, then go and buy some.  Their purpose is to store food in the freezer.  I use them because they get delivered to my door and when I need more it is a good excuse to get a take away.  With me now?

The purpose of this site

Eventually this site is going to be a book called something like.. “The Blokes Cooking Manual”.  It’s purpose is to educate other lazy or time constrained men who spend a fortune on take aways but could be eating better food for less money, and with less hassle most of the time.

By better food I don’t mean healthier, although that is often a bi-product.  I mean better tasting and filling food that you would order from a take away if they gave you the option.  I mean food that makes your mouth water and makes your other half swoon.  I mean food that will make you wonder how you ever lived on Pizza alone.

Easier than ordering a take away?  Yes.

What do I need to start?

I am going to presume you have some kitchen utensils.  Not too many… just enough.  I don’t agree with things like garlic crushers (they take too much time to clean).  You should have some sharp knives, a chopping board (or two) and some saucepans.  A frying pan is handy from time to time.  A microwave is a must and I don’t know how anybody gets through life without a wok.

Each recipe will lay out what you need beforehand or reference a previous recipe and link to it.

After that you are going to need some ingredients.  Not sure what something is?  Ask the best looking girl you can find in the supermarket! (or bloke if you’re female).

Happy Cooking (and happier not cooking in-between)

- The Lazy Chef -

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