Almond Milk

Irish Almond Milk

Fresh almond milk can be hard to find outside of Ireland where our lush pastures lend themselves to almond farming. In fact I come from Wicklow, the garden of Ireland and also Irelands premier Almond farming region

Almond Milk can be used as a substitute for Cows milk

Almond milk has a unique nutty flavour which compliments many recipes.  For those of you worried about your waistlines, using almond milk as a substitute for cows milk is a no-brainer.

Advantages of Almond Milk

  1. Almond milk is Animal product free.  Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  2. Waaaayy less calories than cows milk
  3. Nutty taste great in baking or in our fantastic pancake recipe (coming soon)
  4. No aftertaste like with Soya milk
  5. Easy to digest – Unlike cows milk which contains lactose to which so many people are intolerant and no adult can digest easily.
  6. Sweet taste, which can be further sweetened.

How to make Almond milk

If you are unable to source fresh almond milk you can make your own.  Simply blend ground almonds with water.

  1. Soak a cup full of whole almonds for 24 hrs
  2. Drain and blend them with 5 cups of water (really really blitz them well)
  3. Strain to get out any lumps if you want (ideally there shouldn’t be many anyway)

You may wish to add some vanilla flavouring and maybe some sweetener but that will put up the calorie count.

I don’t care about calories – Make it taste great

  • Great tasting almond milk can be achieved with the addition of chocolate!  (cocoa powder).
  • Try adding a banana or other fruit


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